Dried Fruits Products

  • Apple Tea (Apple Bits)

    Apple Tea (Apple Bits)

    Produced from the most delicious apples. Product is cut in the desired size and specially baked. Apples have sour or sweet type options.

  • Dried Apple

    Dried Apple

    Sweet and Sour Sliced options, special methods of high mineral and vitamin values of dried preserved.

  • Dried Sour Cherry

    Dried Sour Cherry

    Produced from local and high quality sour cherries. Grainy Sour Chrerries packed in desired size and conditions.

  • Industrial Dried Plum

    Industrial Dried Plum

    Delicious and Natural Black Plum currencies have been manufactured. Natural Plums dried with natural methods and made ready for packing.

  • Dried Cherry

    Dried Cherry

    Produced from the famous Aksehir cherry. Delicious and plentiful mineral

  • Pear Bits

    Pear Bits

    A new and delicious tea

  • Dried Pear

    Dried Pear

    Dried pear is indispensable taste Cakes and desserts.